Facebook Url Checker - frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions, and their answers. A description of the features of Facebook Url Checker can be found here. If you have a question that is not answered here, you can Contact us

Hundreds of URLs are blocked by Facebook each day. Facebook does this to remove sites infected with malicious software, offensive content, or suspected as spam.

The sad truth is Facebook errors on the side of caution and often blocks good websites. The most common reason is a community standards ban for spam.

This happens when someone repeatedly drops your URL into a caption, comment, or direct message. As a result, Facebook's algorithms automatically flags your content as spam.

If your domain on Facebook has been blocked, you cannot publish the post content containing the URL, and you cannot access your website through the URL set on the Facebook Page, then you can try our method. We did not unblock your blocked domain, but through our unique technical means to make your domain still accessible from Facebook. If you want to unlock your blocked domain name on Facebook ultimately, please submit an appeal according to the relevant Facebook rules.

You can use our Unblock URL feature to ensure that your blocked domain on Facebook can still be accessed normally.
1. Enter the Unblock URL page by Click Here
2. Enter your blocked URL on Facebook(e.g., https://xxxxx.com)
3. Edit the title and description of the new entry link
4. Click the button on the right to copy your entry link
5. According to your needs, use this entry link to replace your blocked URL when posting content on Facebook
6. Check the effect. The direct effect of this strategy is that your audience can still enter your website smoothly and browse your landing page without hindrance by clicking on this entry link from Facebook.

We use technology to unlock URLs that you block on Facebook, and your audience can still redirect to your site and view your content unimpeded. With our tools, this will happen in no time. Of course, if you want to unblock your original website on Facebook completely, you'll also need to use Facebook's standard appeals methods.

Our API service supports you to make API requests according to your business type to get a more automated experience. For example, suppose you use multiple domains for Facebook marketing at the same time. In that case, your business logic is that when Facebook blocks some domains, according to the results returned by the API request, your alternate domains will be used to automatically replace them immediately to ensure the normal progress of your marketing activities. This will improve the efficiency of your marketing using multiple domains on Facebook.

Facebook Url Checker subscription payments are processed by Paypal. We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. Payments are processed by PayPal, but it is not necessary to have an account with them.

You can also use cryptocurrency as your payment method. We accept Bitcoin, ETH, USD.

ATTENTION: After you transfer any of these cryptocurrencies, please let us know: 1)how much you sent; 2)from what address or send us transaction ID, so we could check it and manually add funds to your account. Please note that $30 is the minimum amount needed to be fund using this payment method.

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